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We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities to access our unique and specialised services. As a registered NDIS provider, we offer a range of services tailored to your needs, including personal training, exercise physiology and group training.

Our team of compassionate and knowledgeable Personal Trainers are committed to helping you overcome obstacles and function better. With our support and expertise, we’ll help you reach your health and fitness goals while ensuring a positive, enjoyable, and empowering experience.

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What is NDIS Personal Training?

NDIS: National Disability
Insurance Scheme PT

Our Personal Trainers provide NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funded Training to eligible participants! We are a registered provider and can cater to plan managed, self-managed, and NDIA managed participants. We can work with other allied health professionals to provide you with the best possible service for your health and fitness needs. Our NDIS Personal Trainers are down-to-earth, knowledgeable and compassionate.

NDIS Services

Fitness Services

At Globe Athletic, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services that cater to the unique needs of our NDIS clients. Our offerings include:

Personal Training

Our NDIS Personal Trainers are experts in designing customised workout plans that accommodate your abilities and goals. We focus on strength training, balance exercises, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and mobility to help you achieve optimal health and movement.

Exercise Physiology for NDIS

Our qualified exercise physiologists work closely with our personal trainers to provide an integrated approach to your care. They will assess your needs and develop a targeted plan to improve your function and mobility.

NDIS Retreats

We offer specialised retreats for NDIS participants, featuring tailored fitness programs, wellness workshops, and relaxation sessions in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Group Training

Our NDIS group training sessions provide a fun and social way to stay active and engaged in your health journey. Classes are designed to accommodate various abilities and interests, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits.

Joining Process

Your NDIS Journey
with Globe Athletic

Joining Globe Athletic as an NDIS participant is a simple and seamless process. Here’s what you can expect:

Check Your Eligibility

Begin by checking if you're eligible for NDIS. Once approved for support, you'll receive a client or NDIS number.

Initial Consultation

Contact us to schedule your initial consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss your goals, gather relevant information about your condition, and review your NDIS number.

Service Agreement

Together, we'll create a service agreement that outlines our partnership under the NDIS. This ensures we can provide the best possible support and services for your health and fitness needs.

Begin Your Journey

With the service agreement in place, you can start working with your NDIS Personal Trainer and enjoy the benefits of our specialised services.

Check Eligibility

Find out if
you're eligible

You can check if you’re eligible for NDIS and once you apply for disability support and are approved for cover, you’ll be given a client or NDIS number. When we first meet with you, we’ll ask for this number along with any relevant information about your condition that you feel comfortable sharing with us. We’ll then create a service agreement that allows us to work with you under the NDIS.

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Fitness Instructor






Fitness Instructor


Fitness Instructor

Why NDIS Personal Training?

NDIS Personal Training
Fun & Enjoyable

We are committed to assisting you in a variety of areas, such as strength training, balance exercises, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and mobility. Our Personal Trainers focus on motivating and engaging you in enjoyable and entertaining sessions.

We cater to clients across various age groups, including children, teens, adults, and older adults, as well as those with a range of conditions. Our experienced trainers have successfully worked with clients who have Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, mental health conditions, Autism, and with those who have physical or movement challenges. This expertise enables us to provide tailored support for your unique needs, ensuring a positive and empowering fitness experience.

Check Eligibility

For all abilities
and Disabilities

Learn how we can help NDIS registered participants on a journey to better health.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide personal training, exercise physiology, and group training for NDIS participants.

No. prior to commencing any exercise program with us, your condition is assessed by our exercise physiologist team to ensure all training is tailored to suit your ability and needs. Progress can sometimes be slow, but this is to ensure that the small steps we take in your progress, leads to big changes for your day to day

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian organization that supports individuals with disabilities to improve their quality of life. The NDIS provides necessary and reasonable support related to reducing the impact caused by a disability or illness.

Check your eligibility here or contact us to learn more about how we can help.

NDIS personal training is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Our experienced trainers design customized workout plans that accommodate various conditions and abilities, ensuring a safe and effective exercise program that aligns with NDIS guidelines.

Absolutely! All of our NDIS personal trainers have either a Certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training or a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise & Sports Science. They are experienced in working with clients who have various disabilities and conditions, ensuring a safe and supportive fitness experience.

Yes, our NDIS personal training programs focus on a range of exercises, such as strength training, balance exercises, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and mobility. These sessions aim to improve your physical health, mobility, and overall wellbeing, empowering you to lead a more active and independent lifestyle.

To determine your eligibility for NDIS personal training services, you can visit the NDIS website and complete the eligibility checklist. Once approved for disability support, you’ll receive an NDIS number, which you can then provide to us to access our specialized services.

Once you’ve confirmed your NDIS eligibility, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your goals, gather relevant information about your condition, and review your NDIS number. Together, we’ll create a service agreement that outlines our partnership under the NDIS, and you can then start working with your NDIS personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals.