6-week body transformation challenge


Strength and results are in our DNA. By committing to the challenge, you’re joining a community that will support you on your way to becoming a better version of yourself to feel and function better.

Are you ready to embark on an electrifying fitness journey that will redefine your limits and ignite your passion for health and wellness? Look no further than Globe Athletic’s highly anticipated 6-Week Transformation Challenge! Get ready to be part of an exciting community that will inspire, support, and challenge you to reach your fitness goals like never before.

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GEAR UPLet's Kick Off


Our sophisticated Evolt Body scan will allow for a detailed measurement of lean muscle, body fat, and visceral fat to detail your current body shape status.


Establish realistic liftng benchmarks over the next 6-weeks that's based on your fitness goals and available time.


We TakeIt Seriously

Fair Judgement

Before the challenge commences, all participants must undergo a Evolt Body scan. Ensuring a level playing field for all involved.


As the challenge reaches its final week, each participant will undergo a final scan, and these results will form the basis for determining the category winners.


Feel SupportedCommunity Spirit


We foster a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts, providing unwavering support and camaraderie throughout the challenge.


Our coaches curate customized fitness programs, nutrition advice, and motivational strategies to suit your unique needs, ensuring you achieve optimal results.



Personal Training

Equip yourself for the competition with personalized coaching in a group setting. Our Semi-Private Training will give you the edge to outperform your peers.


Train like a champion with workouts tailored to your goals and abilities. Our trainers focus on your success, propelling you towards victory.


How to win the 6-week challenge

How to Triumphin the challenge

You may wonder, “How can I claim victory in this epic Transformation Challenge?” Fear not, for we’ve got you covered. The winners will be determined based on three critical criteria, all assessed through the Evolt Bio Scan:

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Why take the 6-Week Challenge?

Take the challengeand track success


Depending on the challenge we have prizes categories for both females and males.


Exclusive community on Facebook to communicate, ask questions and keep motivated.


Full-body assessment to track your results and prepare for the challenge.


Weekly recipe packs and nutrition guidance to keep your food intake healthy.


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Register interest6-Week Challenge

The ultimate fitness battle where champions will emerge and transform their lives for the better. As you push yourself to new heights, exciting prizes await those who conquer the challenge!!

2,000+ members have taken our challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Body Transformation Challenge that runs over a 6 week period. That is designed to inspire, motivate and create measurable results in a fun, supportive community environment.

There are 3 criteria that judge the winner are all based on the Evolt Bio Scan. The results are judged on the biggest change in biological age. The biggest changes in increased lean muscle. The biggest difference in a decrease in body fat.

You can enter via the Event Brite page by clicking on the “Register Now” link.

Yes. The Transformation Challenge is $249 for non members and only $99 for members – plus all non-members can train for free until the Challenge starts. So the sooner you join the more free time you get.

The final decision on all major price categories is to be made by Globe Athletic coaching staff at the completion of the Transformation Challenge.

Yes when you register you will receive a 6 week meal guide that will help you reduce body fat and increase lean muscle.

Each Challenge participant will be assigned a coach and smaller group. This coach and group will be available to provide additional advice and support to help you through your Challenge journey.

Yes – when you register and pay for the Challenge you will be sent an invite to join the private group. It is a fantastic way to gain the support and advice to achieve the best results possible.