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Strength in Numbers ★

Supportive Community

Join a tribe that celebrates every step, every sweat, every success together.

An instructor guiding a group class in a gym in Melbourne, motivating participants to push their limits.

Track your results

Monitor your fitness journey with our cutting-edge health scanning tools.

50+ Coached Classes

Choose from our expansive selection of 50+ expertly coached fitness classes.

Get 3 Days for $19

Globe Athletic

Where fitnessmeets community

Globe Athletic is the perfect ground for those who desire to build strength, embrace fun, and thrive within an energetic community.

With an expansive range of functional fitness classes, semi-private personal training, cutting-edge tracking technology like Evolt 360 Body Scans and MyZone heart rate monitors, we’ve created an environment where fitness meets camaraderie.

A crowded gym in Melbourne filled with people using various exercise machines to improve their fitness.
People sweating it out together in a dynamic group fitness session at a popular gym, fostering a sense of community and motivation.

The Globe Difference

Globe Athleticvs other studios

Studio Features

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Globe Athletic

Other Fitness Studios

Group Fitness Classes


Strength Training


Semi-Private Personal Training


Personalised Programming & Nutrition Plans


NDIS Registered


Evolt 360 Body Scans


MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring


Science-bAsed Training


My experience at Globe is full of positive vibes, supportive coaches, friendly members and always greeted with smiles. So happy I joined Globe!!

Lisa McKinney

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What’s On

Discover Australia’sMost Diverse Timetable

High Intensity Training (HIIT)

Rev up your heart rate and torch calories with our exhilarating, fast-paced HIIT classes.

Functional Fitness

Join our functional classes and enhance your strength, flexibility and stability for real-life activities.

Semi-Private Training

Benefit from a personalised program with a personal trainer in a supportive group setting.

Group Classes

Getting fit and building strength are fun, shared experiences at Globe Athletic.

Boxing Classes

Combine technique, cardio and tone with our boxing classes designed for all abilities and fitness levels.

Strength Training

Build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, and improve bone density with our targeted programs.

Community Events

Monthly Ice Baths& Meditation Sessions

As a valued member of Globe Athletic, you will have exclusive access to our rejuvenating monthly ice bath events and meditation sessions.

Cool down and improve blood flow after an intense workout or centre yourself in a calming meditation. The recovery hub is designed to help you reset, recharge, and reach new heights in your fitness journey.

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In the heartof Mordialloc

55 Governor Rd, Mordialloc 3195 VIC


Real people,real stories

Check out what our members have to say about Globe Athlete, the most complete functional fitness gym in Mordiallic.

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