Yoga Classes


Globe Athletic provides the most balance active and recovery program available. As a member of Globe, we will assess your goals and needs, then build your program to balance mind, body and spirit. Whether you are seeking a restorative slowdown or a fast-paced power flow, our yoga program will guide you through a practice accessible for all levels of experience. Unlimited yoga is available as an add-on with every Globe membership.

Pilates Classes


The best of lean muscle and core strength with our reformer Pilates and Globe group membership. Mat and Barre Pilates provides a blend to strengthen the core, tone, and mindset at our sister studio Wildsoul Wellness. Globe members also have the opportunity to build a membership that includes reformer pilates at a great rate. 

Dual Pass


Our dual membership offers the ultimate crossover workouts that build the mind, body, and core. At Globe Athletic. get the perfect blend of semi-private personal training, combined with dynamic group functional fitness classes. Whilst our sister studio Wildsoul Wellness provides a blend of strength, tone, mindset, and core.


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Our Instructors

Our Yoga & Pilates Instructors


What our members say

Check out what our members have to say about Globe Athletic, the most complete functional fitness gym in Mordialloc.

I love this studio, friendly trainers, amazing classes and a beautiful space overall. The Pilates classes are my favourite, I highly recommend Wildsoul ❤️
Kira Bomberg
Kira Bomberg
November 5, 2022.
Love the place, staff are extremely friendly and focused on your wellbeing
Andrew Raitt
Andrew Raitt
October 17, 2022.
I absolutely love being a member of Wildsoul! It's such an inclusive and welcoming community, and the instructors are all fabulous! The ease of booking through the app, together with the variety of classes is exceptional. It's a wellness center under one roof which also includes a range of practitioners. The outdoor meditation garden is a place where you can relax and Zen out.
Cheryl Townsend
Cheryl Townsend
October 11, 2022.
Since I joined I’ve been enjoying every minute here! Love the vibes
Carla Adolfo
Carla Adolfo
July 19, 2022.
Really nice studio and lovely staff but beware of the 30 day notice cancellation period! Was charged over $200 for a month in which I couldn’t attend any classes. You can pause your membership at any time but this option didn’t work for me.
Monique Scammell
Monique Scammell
May 30, 2022.

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Yoga & Pilatesin Mordialloc

Unlimited access to Globe Athletic fitness classes. You get to try out the full experience and see whether it’s for you! The perfect blend of training your body for fitness and flexibility whilst improving mindset and self-esteem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga and Pilates classes are held in the beautiful Wildsoul Wellness studio in bayside Mordialloc. An oasis of calm and tranquillity, Wilsoul offers a range of Mind, Body and Health Services.

Both Pilates and Yoga offer similar benefits, with core, stretching, length, and tone all being the benefits of both. We offer a range of classes in both, that is suitable for the beginner all the way up to the advanced.

Pilates and Yoga have the ability to cater to all fitness levels and abilities.
They both have components of the practice that require effort and focus but are equal in degrees of difficulty.

Our program of pilates and yoga has been optimised and programmed to elevate heart rate and build lean muscle to ensure a positive caloric burn, ensuring lean muscle gain and fat loss