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Modern fitnessReimagined

Immerse yourself in a fresh fitness concept at Globe Athletic. Here, exceptional design and advanced functionality intersect in our state-of-the-art facilities. This unique fusion sets a new benchmark in health and wellbeing.

Stepping beyond the constraints of conventional gym experiences, we cultivate an all-inclusive fitness journey. Catering to all – from fresh enthusiasts to veteran athletes – our holistic approach is designed to uplift and enhance every individual’s fitness pursuit.

Strength in Numbers ★

Fitness Classes Parkdale

Classes and programsthat set the benchmark

From energising workouts to meditative sessions, we have a comprehensive suite of classes designed to fulfil every fitness aspiration.

Functional Training

Experience workouts that mirror real-life activities, designed to bolster your core and enhance endurance.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Enjoy the individual attention of personal training within a motivating group environment.

Yoga & Pilates

Align your mind, body, and spirit through our focused Yoga & Pilates sessions at the Wildsoul Wellness studio.

Fitness Challenges

Embrace our engaging fitness challenges designed to inspire your commitment and progress.

Health & Wellness Services

Round out your fitness journey with our holistic wellness services. Designed to treat the whole mind, body, and soul.

NDIS Personal Training

We're passionate about helping individuals with disabilities achieve their fitness goals through personalised training.

About Globe Athletic

Defining modern fitnessat Globe Athletic

Globe Athletic stands as a beacon of fitness and wellness, a unique space where innovation meets community, and every workout is a step forward. With a management team abundant in experience in the health and fitness industry, our culture and laser focus on client needs creates an environment that is known as being the very best.

About Globe
A crowded gym in Melbourne filled with people using various exercise machines to improve their fitness.
People sweating it out together in a dynamic group fitness session at a popular gym, fostering a sense of community and motivation.

6-Week Transformation Challenge Parkdale

Conquer the 6-WeekTransformation Challenge

Unlock your fitness potential in just six weeks with our transformative challenge. Reinvention awaits.

The Overall Best Transformation winner will be awarded a thrilling travel voucher worth $4000Imagine indulging in a well-deserved getaway after achieving your fitness goals

Are You Ready?

All participants must undergo a scan before the challenge

An instructor guiding a group class in a gym in Melbourne, motivating participants to push their limits.

Set Your Goals

Craft a tailored fitness roadmap, designed to align with your personal health and fitness objectives.

Track & Measure

Keep track of your progress with our comprehensive monitoring and regular check-ins.

Grind, Hustle

Dedicate yourself to your fitness regimen, work persistently, and enjoy the transformation.

Measure Success

Celebrate your achievements with a final, thorough assessment of your progress.

Why join our gym?

Experience theGlobe Athletic Difference

Globe Athletic is the epitome of a forward-thinking, vibrant fitness community offering an extensive range of diverse classes.


With more than 50 professionally coached fitness classes, we offer something for everyone, continually inspiring personal growth.


Experience the benefit of detailed body scans pre and post your workout regimen, enabling accurate progress tracking.


Get the most out of every workout with our MyZone Heart Rate Training, engineered to optimise your fitness levels.


Our members have access to weekly recipes and expert nutrition guidelines, designed to support and enhance your fitness journey.

Strength in Numbers

Scientifically ProvenFunctional Fitness Training

Guaranteed to reduce body fat and build lean muscle within an inspirational training space. We have the tools and systems to support your goals and track your way to success. Our functional fitness gym in Parkdale features a team of motivating coaches that recommend a combination of tailored classes for your individual journey.

  • Fast Track Success
  • Evolt 360 Body Scans
  • Verbalise Your Goals
  • My Zone Heart Rate Monitors
  • Become Accountable
  • Movement Screen


Members Transformed


Classes Delivered


Lean Muscle Gained


Success stories fromthe Globe community

Our members’ transformative journeys tell the story of Globe Athletic, the most complete functional fitness gym in Parkdale. Be inspired by their achievements.

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Experience the Globe Athletic gym in Parkdale difference first-hand with our free trial offer. Your journey towards a healthier future begins now.


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One MembershipTwo Studios

One membership, two studios. Discover the perfect blend of strength, stretch, and fitness in our Globe community. Enjoy unrestricted access to our diverse timetable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out everything you need to know about Globe Athletic, our classes, membership, and more.

Globe Athletic provides a wide range of semi-private and group classes, from HIIT, strength, cardio, crossover, yoga, and pilates.

Yes, a free trial is available to anyone in the local area looking to join Globe Athletic.

Strength training creates the foundations that a resilient, strong, and functional fit body is built on. At Globe, we believe in a strong core, compound movement, and big muscle activation, creating the very best outcomes in lean muscle development.

Training in a functional manner can be conducted every day, as long as the variety of muscle groups used are complimentary, and sessions focus on different outcomes, such as strength, cardio, core, and recovery.

Compound lifting requires the predominant use of big muscle groups activating as the driver muscle in the movement performed. An example would be in a squat, the Glutes are the predominant muscle group, then core, hamstrings, and quads.

Functional training provides the movement and exercise patterns that can lead to enhanced performance in both general life and sporting applications, whereas HIIT training outcomes are more relevant to create metabolic change.

Our group classes are held in three purposed designed studios, all located in Mordialloc.

Globe Athletic has a track history of providing fantastic results for clients, with a combined method of heart rate technology, Myzone, body scan technology with Evolt Active, and a proven class format that elevates heart rates, builds lean muscle.