What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic healthcare service that provides injury diagnosis, management, and prevention based on principles of anatomy and exercise science. A physiotherapist (physio) is trained to assess and treat a variety of musculoskeletal concerns, such as low back pain and sporting injuries, by providing:

  • An initial consultation whereby the physio listens to your concerns, asks about your lifestyle choices (such as diet, exercise, and sleeping habits), considers your medical history, and performs a movement analysis to diagnose your injury and set realistic goals for rehabilitation.
  • Providing appropriate treatments such as:
  • Education on acute pain management strategies such as using taping techniques, heat/ ice packs, topical anti-inflammatory creams, and recommending physical activity or work-based modifications.
  • Hands-on therapy addresses contributing factors such as postural dysfunction, muscular tension, and joint stiffness, with many physios also trained in the use of soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, dry needling, and cupping techniques.
  • Exercise prescription and instruction to improve functional movement, correct muscular strength imbalances improve joint mobility. Physios commonly use clinical pilates in the early stages of rehabilitation and progress towards strength-based training/ weightlifting depending on your progression and goals.
  • Comprehensive treatment plans that prevent injuries in the long term and create sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes. This may include a return to sport or return to work program, participation in group exercise classes, and regular massage services.

As a primary healthcare practitioner, a physio can also refer for medical imaging or specialist opinion, including within the Mordialloc area, when necessary and is available for private health funds and Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Plan claiming.

How Long Does Physiotherapy Take?

Consultations at our Mordialloc physiotherapy clinic vary depending on your injury and how much time your physiotherapist needs to identify and treat your concerns. All new clients are required to book an initial consultation and your physiotherapist will then direct you on what to book next based on your treatment plan.

At Globe Athletic Physio in Mordialloc:

Initial Physiotherapy Consultations

Require 45 minutes, with those looking to join our Strong Box semi-private personal training studio requiring an additional 15 minutes to go through gym programming and provide an Evolt 360 Body Scan

Subsequent Physiotherapy Consultations

Require 30 minutes, with those with multiple injuries or concerns requiring an additional 15 minutes to allow enough time for effective treatment strategies to be implemented

1:1 Clinical exercise sessions

Require 45 minutes, where only rehabilitative exercise is prescribed and instructed under the guidance of your physio

4:1 Strong Box semi-private personal training sessions

Require 45 minutes and are available under the guidance of your physio when you also sign up for an individual program under Globe Athletic’s Membership

How Can Physiotherapy in Mordialloc Help Me?

Globe Athletic’s Physio, Jessica Adams, has a strong background in both hands-on therapy and exercise instruction (including clinical pilates instruction and strength and conditioning coaching) having worked within the general population, sporting and women’s health sectors for over 5 years. Jess is local to Mordialloc and loves leading an active lifestyle herself, which commonly involves heading down to the beach between physiotherapy consultations in Mordialloc. Whether you have been suffering from neck pain from a desk job, experiencing knee pain when squatting or wanting to learn more about exercise in pregnancy, Jess can develop an individualized treatment plan suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Where is the Mordialloc Physiotherapy Clinic Located?

Jess operates out of a treatment room within Globe Athletic, a gym in Mordialloc and Parkdale, which also includes access to the functional gym space and Strong Box studio to ensure your rehabilitation is taken care of from start to finish. Our physiotherapy clinic also includes showers, changing facilities, toilets, and children’s toys to keep the little ones occupied if required.

How do I book a Mordialloc Physiotherapy Session?

You’ll find Jess consulting from our Mordialloc physiotherapy clinic on weekly Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and fortnightly Saturdays with bookings available via our website https://www.globeathletic.com.au/author/jessicaadams/

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You’ll find Jess consulting from our Mordialloc physiotherapy clinic on weekly Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and fortnightly Saturdays with bookings available via our website.